Initially, we can offer you a free consultation whereby we will come to your office, listen to any ideas you have and put forward some suggestions ourselves.

Another alternative is for you to come to our gallery and look at your leisure through our large selection of original art work.

Commissioning work is another possibility to create work that's unique to your company's identity. We can provide you with sculpture, tapestries, murals, water-features and glass installations to suit your need.

Our company specialises in limited edition prints, of which we have a very large selection. Prints can be a very cost-effective way of providing a large number of art work to many rooms, they can also help to create a uniform company identity to offices in separate locations.

If you need to see art in situ we are happy to bring work to your office for you to try out before making a final decision. Once you have decided on artwork for your office, we will frame it according to your needs and we will also hang it for you.

If you need time to think about the artwork or you would like to change your artwork on a regular basis, we also offer a hire service.

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Other Services

We offer  the opportunity for individuals and small groups (up to 6) to be shown around our large basement store after the gallery closes. The Director of the gallery, Jill Hutchings, will then assist clients with a personalised tour of the many artworks we have in our stock. The basement store contains a varied selection of works from over 150 different artists, collected from over 30 years of exhibitions. All works in the collection are for sale.

The basement store is a great place to find artworks which aren't necessarily on general display in the gallery and so an "Evening with the Director" (also known as a "Rummage Sale") is a very different experience from buying art from an exhibition. We hold work from most of the artists that we represent, as well as plenty more works from past exhibitions. We also have a number of special pieces which wouldn't be shown as part of a normal exhibition, such as rare print portfolios and artist's books.  Because the evening is essentially led by the client, Jill will help you to find the right artwork for your particular space or budget.

This makes the experience particularly appropriate for people looking to spend an art-voucher or find an artwork for a gift. This format works equally well for those with a definite idea of the kind of thing they are looking for, as well as those with no idea what they want. It is also useful for collectors looking for a number of different works as well as interior designers, architects and corporate art-buyers who are looking to furnish specific spaces with multiple works.

In the past people who are looking to buy art but haven't had much previous experience with galleries have found that an "Evening with the Director" can be an unintimidating introduction to buying art from a gallery as well as a good, one stop introduction to the work of the many artists which we exhibit.


Please contact the gallery via the message box on this page, or call us on 01207 323 4700 to enquire about any of our services.