Registration for the Live and Online (Timed) Auctions
Registration will open at 10am on 6th March.

The Auctions will be hosted by, an online auctioneer.

Before you can register for the individual Curwen Gallery auctions you will need to register with The Saleroom, to do this please follow this link

The Registration page will then open. Fill in your details and check the "Terms and Conditions" box at the bottom of the page. Then click "Next". This will send a verification email to the email address that you have included on the form.

Go to your email account and open the email from "". This is an account verification email. The email will say "Before you can log into website you need to verify your email address. To verify your email address click here". Once you have verified your email address you will be redirected to The Saleroom homepage. You can close this window if you wish.

You are now registered with The Saleroom.

Signing Up to Bid

-To register for the Curwen Gallery auctions click here to show the links to the two auction catalogues.

-To register for the individual auctions click on the blue "Connect to auction" button to the right of whichever auction you would like to bid in. If you would like to leave bids in both auctions you will need to register for both auctions separately.

-The "Registration - Payment Details" page will now open. Follow the steps to complete your sign up

Payment will not be taken through this card by The Saleroom. All payments for lots won will be taken in the gallery by card, cash or cheque, when you collect the artwork.

If you would like to register for both auctions you must complete the same registration process on the other Curwen Gallery auction you would like to bid on.

- To bid simply click on the "Bid" button next to the listing for the artwork you would like to buy.  If you would like a little time to think about the item you can also "+ to watch list" which allows you to add the item to a list of items which you are interested in.


Absentee Bids (Live Auction Only)

If you cannot make the live auction in person you can do one of two things:

1. Bid online, following the live video stream
Half an hour before the auction starts, a grey button will appear here (next to the green "Sign Up to Bid" button beneath the ticking clock icon).
When you click on this button a window will open with a live video stream. If you have registered for this auction you can then use this video window to bid in the auction.

2. Leave an absentee bid
You can leave an absentee bid either online through the live auction catalogue on The Saleroom (on individual lots) or with us in the gallery. The absentee bid should be the highest amount you would be prepared to pay for the item. We will bid on your behalf up to this maximum amount. The item will then go to the highest bidder in the usual manner.
Absentee bids can be left until 6.30pm on 22 March (half an hour before the auction begins).

If you get stuck or would like to leave an absentee bid feel free to call the gallery on 020 7323 4700